The Largest Rug in the World

The largest Rug in the world is located right where your first guess would be. That is correct! Abu Dhabi! The extravagant neighbor of Dubai.

The massive rug that graces the floor of Sheikh Zayed mosque in the United Arab Emirates is larger than a soccer field. We know that can be hard to imagine but the largest rug in the world is, in fact, 60-546 square foot, and took more than a thousand weavers over a year to complete!

Inside the mosque

Some amazing facts about the rug are that the total number of knots in this particular rug is 2.2 billion knots! And it used over 38 tons of Wool & Cotton to weave this masterpiece. This rug was made in Iran, in nine different parts, then moved to Abu Dhabi along with master weavers. They were responsible for stitching the parts together to create one massive carpet. As you can imagine this rug is not for sale, but this rug is valued at a little overĀ 9 million dollars!