Rug Pile Heights

Why does rug pile height matter?

When buying a new rug or carpet, often times you will see the term ‘rug pile’ come up. Whether it is your first time buying a rug or purchasing a rug for a beach house. It is always a great idea to learn some terminology before buying a hand-knotted rug. This way, it will help you in the future to decide what kind of pile is best suited for your personal preference.

There are 3 kinds of ‘rug piles’, and we will go through each of them. The first one being Low pile rugs, then Medium pile rugs, and lastly High pile rugs.

The low pile rugs have height of less then 0.25 inches and tend to feel not that soft under your feet, so these types of rugs are best suited for kids room where there is loads of traffic. Low pile rugs are hands down the easiest to clean out of the three. A spectacular example of low pile rug is the following picture which is, in fact, in our showroom.

Low-pile Rug

The Medium-pile rugs are from 0.25-0.50 inches and they feel quite soft on your feet. Many people will prefer a medium pile rug in their master bedroom, or a living room since they feel really nice in the morning on their bare feet. An example of a medium-pile rug would be the following picture, which is also a 200 year old rug!

Medium-pile Rug

Lastly, we have reached the last pile of rugs, the High-pile rug can be from anywhere to 0.50-1 inch. They feel absolutely amazing and really soft under your feel. And as you can imagine, High-pile rugs should be in the den or the sun-room, where the traffic may not be that high, but you still want to feel soft and warm.

So, now that you have learned a bit about high and low piles, it will be easier for you to make a decision. All types of piles have their pros and cons, so whether you want a low maintenance rug that are not hard to clean. Or you prefer a that extra softness and do not mind a bit of extra care! We have all sorts of rugs at our showroom, ranging from low to high piles and several extraordinary pieces that will make your home a place you call house.