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Abu's Journey

      About four generations ago, one of my ancestors started making rugs for the noblemen in India. Later, my grandfather, along with other things, kept the tradition of weaving carpets. 

In 1947, when British-ruled Bharat separated into Pakistan and India. My family fled to Pakistan and settled in the industrious city of Lahore in the Punjab province. My father, a very young bachelor took the path towards higher education, whereas, the rest of the family continued to make hand-woven rugs. 

Dr. Khan, my father, went to the United Kingdom to Edinburgh University and still sold rugs, which would be delivered from home. The real break came when he was elected as the Director of Education of Saudi Arabia. Along with his prestigious career, he continued his interests in the rug business. That is where, my love for rugs came about, by watching him sell and explain rugs to customers, I learned about them myself.
I was at an early age of 13 when my family decided to return to our home city of Lahore, Pakistan. Once there, my passion and affection for rugs grew to the point of which, that I would ask my father not for toys as gifts, but rugs. I started learning how to design and construct carpets, while also, learning the differences in qualities. My formal education continued throughout Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and England. At a young age, I left college and came to the United States to follow my very own American Dream.

           I opened a little store in High Point, NC with about 150 rugs. From there on, I felt like there was no stopping my success, but the biggest credit of my accomplishments goes to my late father, Dr.Khan. He was an astonishing man with two PhDs from Edinburgh University. He taught me everything I know today, about life and its’ importance. He guided me, so very delicately that I learned and never felt pushed out of my comfort zone. 

My desire for building a beautiful rug store came true in his life, and I am so grateful that he saw this architectural art. I see my store as paying homage to him and his achievements. 

I love selling rugs and producing them with great honor. I have traveled the world in search of the most unique carpets. Also, we own two places where the cottage industry flourishes, India and Pakistan. We also buy from Nepal, Iran, China, and Tibet; wherever high-quality rugs are being made. 

The one thing I love about my profession is that it provides a living for people abroad and art under my customer’s feet.

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